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28 rue de Londres

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Dynamic trainings thanks to the Apter method

When the WHY boosts the HOW

Our training goes beyond the learning of behaviours: they map motivations to their adapted in situation. Behaviours can indeed be learned automatically and some can be effective like that (reflexes for example). But all learned behaviours are much more effective when motivated by a situation.


The why completes the how: it enriches it and gives it all its power.


Some examples of training courses:


  • Giving feedback, a task or a refocusing, ... that's effective and motivating

This one-day course will allow you to review techniques that you probably already know ... but it will show you that depending on the state of mind in which you are when you put them into practice, your managerial practice will improve significantly.


  • Leadership: manage performance climates

A two-day course to learn how to create a work climate adapted to any given situation. Your Motivations and Performances' inventory will tell you which avatars you play most often in, which climates they favour and in which situations they are adapted. You will also learn to better exploit your other avatars to be able to create the right working atmosphere in all situations ... and thus motivate your team.


  • Use your stress effectively and healthily

What if you radically change the way you experience stress? Invest your time into two days to learn how to identify the eight forms of stress your emotions give you. Thanks to the Game of Emotivations, you will learn how to give them a useful direction or, on the contrary, to change to remain motivated, efficient and healthy.


  • Work in a team: together, create the right working climates adapted to the stakes

Two days of training for you and your team. A prior investigation Diagnosis 360 motivations and performances will enlighten you on your habits, the good ones as well as the bad ones and will allow you to then work together to improve them. A truly collaborative seminar that empowers each member of the team.


  • Optimise your sales with the motivational Apter method

This two-day, plus a one-day refresher course will teach you to decode the motivations of your clients to better tailor your sales approach as much as your arguments; The Emotivation Game will also help you identify your sales styles and develop your agility in difficult situations.