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Consulting, Coaching & Training 

Because our motives condition our performance, Apter-France develops a totally innovative approach to be the winning partner of companies, athletes or individuals who aim for results, well-being and efficiency. As a consultancy, training and coaching firm, we are the official representative for Europe of the Apter Method based on the "Theory of reversal", a very powerful tool for managing motivations, stress and emotions.

Apter France has built up several partnership:

Reversal Theory

First of all, we are closely working with the community of scientist on the Reversal Theory (see http://reversaltheory.net)
Michael Apter and Mitzy Desselles follow our work and regularly check and validate our new tools.
They have accredited us to built and run a certification program that is delivered in France as well as in the UK (see below our partner 8 Connect), as well as provide coachs and trainers with these tools (the AMSP of course but also some others like Climage, the 360° Feedback Motivation & Performance…)
As Practitioners, we are also modestly contributing to the Reversal Theory conference. By the way, the next one is scheduled this summer! (see 2019 International Reversal Theory Conference

Apter Development

Second, there is Apter Development in the UK: Marie Shelton and Steve Carter were our mentors 12 years ago. They accompanied our growth and they are therefore our great friends. We are collaborating on a regular bases on several projects related to the development of the Apter methodologies. They are bright in many senses…

8 connect people

Finally (for now), we have reconnected recently with Rob Robson. He use to work with our communities of practitioners some ten years ago and though followed a different route, continued to use the RT in his different jobs. He has now started his own business but is willing to take over the Coach Certification Program in the UK: we have therefore concluded a partnership and he is now ready to deliver the same program that we have built up here, in France.