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Consulting, Coaching & Training 

The Apter approach to consulting, coaching and training is based on an innovate approach that combines motivation and emotion and emphasises dynamic, changeable elements of human experience to open up possibilities for change, performance and wellbeing in individuals, teams and organisations.

Our Partners

8Connect Consulting

8Connect Consulting are our principal partners and licensed distributors of the Apter Toolkit in the UK. 


They are by psychologist Rob Robson, who has been applying Reversal Theory for more than 15 years in multiple roles, as a sport psychologist, consultant, change manager and HR Director.


In addition to providing certification training in the Apter Toolkit, 8Connect Consulting specialise in helping organisations and their people to become more adaptable and resilient.

Reversal Theory Society

The Reversal Theory Society represents the scientific community that continues to research and apply Reversal Theory in a broad array of domains and disciplines.

We engage with the community by attending the bi-annual Reversal Theory Conference and we have the support of Michael Apter and Mitzi Desselles who validate our tools and certification programme.

Apter Development

Apter Development are long-time collaborators and with an interest in applying  Reversal Theory in organisational and leadership development.