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Become an Apter Certified Coach

Boost your skills & make a difference:

Introduce yourself to your customers with "Apter Inside"

You are looking to:

  • Refresh your toolbox and discover an exciting, robust and modern approach
  • Improve your interventions with the use of powerful tools that can be added to those you already know
  • Differentiate yourself by offering an adapted approach for complex issues relating to change and the increasing requirements for performance


Register for the Apter Method Certification Course (AMCC):

  • A 9-day program made of 12 sessions (including 6 half-days remote)
  • Which alternates theory and practice, learning and training
  • To introduce you to the reversal theory and train you to use the tools (individual and collective inventories) in training and coaching
  • Includes two ISMA inventories, a deck of cards, an Emotivation Game deck and a 360 ° inventory
  • As well as a personalised support on your case studies


At the end of which, you will present an article that you will defend in front of a jury to obtain your certification which will be published on our community networks. Click here for the full program


The next certification will begin:

  • On January 6th, 2020 (Paris - France) > click here
  • On January 20th, 2020 (Birmigham - UK) > click here

Our latest Apter certified coaches et trainers

Comic, trainer and coach

PORTALP Company, Director of the Training Center Animates commercial and managerial trainings

Actress and coach Paris region

Consultant, coach and trainer since 2009

Still not convinced? 


How does the Apter method make you more efficient than your competitors?


As a coach or consultant, there are numerous tools and methodologies available and they can sometimes be combined. The reversal theory is not just a rope that you add to your bow, it is both unique and adaptable to all your approaches.


A method that allows you to work on the "how" and the "why"

The Apter method completes your tools with an effective motivational grid: you allow your customers to work on the "why" and not only on the "how".


You work on motivation or their motivations. By focusing on the core of their problematic of change, they will implement the "how" with more ease and efficiency.


As a certified practitioner, you will have solid knowledge based on an innovative scientific approach and an incredibly effective diagnostic and change management method.


A method that strengthens your existing behavioural tools

Apter makes it possible to work on the mind and therefore increases the power of the advice you lavish.


"Where there's a will there's a way" as the saying goes. By certifying yourself to the Apter coaching method, you put motivation back at the heart of performance!


A method that matches market expectations

By relying on an innovative and modern theory, the Apter certification allows you to be in sync with the expectations of the market. This psychological approach to performance equips your customers with the most advanced tools to perform.


Like in high-level sports that integrates the mental preparation of athletes into their overall preparation to boost their physical performance, professionals today need to be "aligned with their motivations" to be successful.


A method that adapts to all areas of intervention

The APTER certification process (ACP) is a different approach that casts a different light and new solutions on all topics: Stress, Psychosocial Risks, Sales, Management, Creativity, Leadership. This tool allows us to face situations from several angles: Motivations, Emotions, Values & Sensations.


Finally, our methodology is based on the "LECAP" methodology, patented by APTER France and all certifications are approved by Michaël Apter, Doctor in Psychology and creator of the reversal theory.