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Motivations at the heart of your performance

Because our motives condition our performance, Apter-France develops a totally innovative approach to be the winning partner of companies, athletes or individuals who aim for results, well-being and efficiency. As a consultancy, training and coaching firm, we are the official representative for Europe of the Apter Method or reversal theory, a powerful tool for managing motivations, stress and emotions.




In a context where the obligation and the duty of performance have become unavoidable, being competent and well organized is no longer enough to succeed. Every day, we are confronted with tasks that seem ungrateful, cumbersome, in short, demotivating. The pleasure is not at the rendezvous and the results are felt.

What do we do ? Often in the pain, sometimes in the refusal, we live very badly the situation which directly impacts our work and our well-being.


And if the performance was above all a question of motivation? But by the way, what is motivated and how can we become one?


The Apter method answers both questions while providing a methodology and concrete solutions, operational and simple to use. Whether in our personal or professional life, in an individual or collective setting, it is rarely possible to change a situation that weighs on us. On the other hand, it is simple to adapt our state of mind to live in the pleasure the situation and thus to have access to all our resources to increase our wellbeing and our performance.