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Apter Toolkit

Motivations at the heart of performance

The Apter Toolkit is a versatile and comprehensive framework and tools for coaches, consultants and managers. It can be applied in a broad range of situations that require us to tap into motivation, change mindsets, or respond to changing or challenging situations.


People are dealing with an increasing pace and complexity of change and unpredictability that characterises work and life today. 


At the same time that we are facing greater demands on our ability and motivation to change, there is a growing interest in wellbeing, and a willingness to talk about stress and emotions.


Whether in our personal or professional life, in an individual or collective setting, our ability to adapt our state of mind to make the most of different situations has never been more important. 


The Apter Toolkit; building on over 40 years of research, the development of Reversal Theory and the Apter Motivational Styles Inventory;  is a contemporary framework that provides a concrete link between motivation and emotion, emphasises dynamic and changeable elements of human personality,  and opens up new possibilities for creating change and building personal effectiveness.


Tools include:

The Motivational Styles Inventory, a profile for personal development that highlights how we are motivated over time

Emotivation coaching cards, a powerful coaching method in a box that combines motivation and emotion

360 Feedback that highlights motivations and helps leaders understand how they are perceived by, and how they impact, their teams

Quick Climate tool, that quickly assesses the mood of a group to support facilitation, training or management


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